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How to Add & Manage Your Vendor Listings

1. Select List a Product from the main menu.

step 1

2.  Login to your account.

Note:  If you are already logged in, skip to step 4.


3.  Click on Add a Product.


4.  Fill the details of your product

A.  Enter a Title (should include brand name and model).
B.  Enter the Price.
C.  Select the Category (Used or New).
D.  Select the Product Type from the predefined options.
F.  Click on Upload Product Image and proceed to Step 5 of this tutorial.


5.  Click on Select Files, browse for the image on your computer that you want as the primary image of your listing.


6.  Make sure your featured image (primary listing image) is checked and then click on Set Featured Image.


7.  (Optional) Add more photos to your listing with a gallery.  Click on the + as indicated below with label G.  Repeat the same process to add as many images as you want to your listing gallery.


8.  Complete Shipping Information.  

I.  This should be checked
J-M.  Enter the weight, length, width, and height of the product.  This is required for FedEx realtime rates.
N. (optional) – This feature will not display by default.  You enable this feature on the Vendor Per Product Page.


8.  Click Save Product and your product is online!