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The Curation service at EyeDirect is geared toward providing a level of confidence between Buyers and Sellers.  It’s basically an inspection service for equipment listings.  A “Curated” label means a Seller has paid an EyeDirect Service Technician (“EST”) to evaluate equipment onsite.  Our EST inspects equipment for good working order and we add a Curated label to the listing.


The Installation Service at EyeDirect is a matching process between Buyers and ESTs. Many Buyers of Ophthalmic or Optometric Equipment might not have the skill sets to install various pieces. EyeDirect can assist Buyers via its network of ESTs. Many Buyers have their own installation technicians, but for those who don’t, EyeDirect can be a resource.


The Training Service at EyeDirect is a logistical process between Buyers and Original Equipment Manufacturers (“OEMs”).  Many Buyers of new Ophthalmic or Optometric Equipment might not have the knowledge of operations on a new piece.  In situations where the OEM needs to further educate a Buyer on equipment operations or maintenance, EyeDirect will lean in to ensure that happens. 

Practice or Surgery Center Valuation

Practice or Surgery Center Valuation – The Valuation Service at EyeDirect is an asset based or cash flow based Valuation Service.  Mainly driven by practices who have listed their practice for sale at EyeDirect, this service is handled directly by the Founders of the Company. 

Practice or Surgery Center Brokerage

The Brokerage Service at Eye Direct is an investment banking service whereby EyeDirect matches Sellers and Buyer.  Through our network, we match those groups who are looking to be alleviated from the day to day challenges of ownership.  On a practical level, we will host introductions, identify local legal and accounting experts, and preparing succession plan schedules.  While there are other fundamentals involved, EyeDirect will work through every step to get to the closing table.  

Job Search

The Job Search Service at EyeDirect matches hiring Practices with Eye Doctors and JCHAPO Certified Professionals.  Our posting service is free to job seekers.  All resumes will be redacted but visible in part, until such time that a hiring practice engages EyeDirect’s simple one page agreement.    

Practice or Surgery Center Consulation

The Consultation Service at EyeDirect covers all operational and strategic spaces.  There are very few areas in eye practices that EyeDirect isn’t familiar with because of the Company’s experience with running delivery systems.

Industry Partnership

The Partnership Service is one of our proudest accomplishments.  In a few words, EyeDirect doesn’t know everything and we won’t pretend we do.  We take the need of subject matter expertise very seriously for our Buyers and Sellers.  If you are a eye specific billing & coding shop, coding & compliance consultant, private equity firm, or specialized eye centric consultant, we’d love to partner with you. 

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